• Carolyn Kazmierczak

A Grandmother in Need

Early last year I wrote a series of devotions for a quarterly Christian magazine. I was

amazed in reverent awe of how the Lord not only provided for me financially through the publishing of my devotions, but also in how He provided for an elderly grandmother in a very special way.

I don't usually make a habit of publicly sharing my articles and stories through announcements on social media, however I did decide to share the news of this particular publication with family and friends on a popular social media outlet. I've always trusted that the Lord would land my articles, devotions and stories in just the right hands, so that He would always receive the glory and honor for any good that would come out of those written words.

But in this particular case, I felt the need to share not only my devotions, but the devotions of many other Christian writers that had been published in the same devotional magazine. I felt this was an opportunity and added bonus to share what God had laid on the hearts of so many other faithful writers too.

Since God had so graciously provided a monetary gift to me through this publication, I decided to use the money to purchase several of the devotional magazines to share with anyone who would like to have one, and I was pleasantly surprised by the many requests I had received asking that I mail them a copy.

Shortly after receiving several of the magazines that I had purchased online, I hand delivered one to a friend of mine. When I walked into her office she so generously offered to reimburse me for any expenses I may have incurred through my publishing efforts. Immediately I refused her gift of twenty dollars. I knew that God had provided and would continue to provide for all the extra copies and postage that I might incur in what I considered a ministry of sharing His good news with others. But I also knew I had spent quite a bit more than I had expected. In fact, I was going to need to purchase several more copies since I continued to receive more request for the magazine, so I reluctantly decided to accept her gift.

After leaving her office that morning, I went to visit another friend. I told her what had happened and how guilty I had felt for taking the money. I felt as though I had failed in trusting that the Lord would provide for me even though I had exceeded my budget. I wanted to return the money, but my friend gave me some very godly advice that day. She made it clear that I needed to accept the generous monetary gift so that my friend would receive joy through her gift of giving in obedience to Christ. I knew she was right, yet still, I continued to feel a small sting of guilt.

Later that evening I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few items needed to get me through the week. Making my way throughout the store, I thought about how good and generous our holy God is. Psalm 23:1 came to my mind. "The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I lack." Oh, how true this is and how I love Him for how He provides not only financially, but through His Word also, so that I can continue to learn and grow - so that I can become more devoted to Jesus.

While loading the groceries into my car, an elderly lady walked up to me and asked if I could spare a few dollars so that she could feed her grandchildren that evening. I immediately felt a sense of sadness for her circumstances, but I also received a rejoicing in my heart as I realized that this was not accident. This was a plan - God's plan. I reached into my purse and pulled out the twenty dollar bill that I had been given earlier that morning. God had so graciously used my friend not to provide for me, but to provide for someone else - a grandmother in need.

I am so thankful that I did not return the twenty dollars to my friend that morning. If I had, I would not have had even one penny to share with this precious grandmother because the twenty dollars was all the cash I had in my purse that day. I had never encountered this grandmother in the grocery store parking lot before this day, nor have I seen her since. I believe that our Lord no doubt orchestrated this very special meeting in His perfect timing.

Because of God in all His glorious sovereignty, He provided a blessing to not only me and my friend that day, but He also provided financially to a loving and caring grandmother who had a need to be met. What a good and gracious God we serve.

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