• Carolyn Kazmierczak

Cairns for Christ

What is a Cairn? It is a heap of stones built as a memorial.

The biblical story of the twelve memorial stones found in chapters 3 & 4 of Joshua, hold a promise that is true for Christians today.

As the story was told in the Old Testament, in the years somewhere between 1500 - 1200 BC, God had promised a land to His people including future generations. A land that held hope and freedom from slavery.

The people of Israel set themselves apart from evil and dedicated themselves to God. And as a reminder of God's miraculous provisions, He instructed His people to build a memorial made from stones they had taken from the Jordan River.

After God used Moses to free His people from the bondage of slavery in Egypt, the people wandered in the wilderness for forty years. God used Joshua to take His people into the freedom of the promised land.

The story as told in Joshua chapter's 3 & 4: Joshua rose early in the morning, along with all the people and came to the river Jordan (chapter 3:1). They spent the night there on the banks of the river. Joshua spoke to the priest saying, "Take up the Ark of the Covenant and cross over the river before the people (vs.6) and take with you twelve men from the twelve tribes of Israel." The waters stood still and rose in a heap and the people crossed over on dry land. (vs.17). When all the people passed over into the promised land, The Lord spoke to Joshua and told him to tell each man from the twelve tribes to take a stone from the river and carry it over with them, (chapter 4: 1-3) and build a memorial unto The Lord as a reminder that God cut off the water from the Jordan to serve as a testimony of God's faithfulness.

Today, God's promises are the same. He allows us to "cross over" into a life full of hope and freedom. When Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead, He forgave us our sins and set us free. Embrace the free gift of forgiveness and everlasting life. Treasure it and place it in your heart. Devote your life to Him and never forget His great love for you.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. That whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

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