Our Consolation in Christ

By Carolyn Kazmierczak

  Published in the June 2019 Mature Living 

Miss Ora     publised in the August 2018 Mature Living

Handmade Dresses  published in the January 2018 Mature Living

The Glory of God  By Carolyn Kazmierczak

Published in the November 2017 Mature Living 

My Grandma Was an Orphan    published in the September 2019 Mature Living Issue

Depression - A Curse or a Blessing?  published in The Salvation's Army War Cry magazine  - August 2019

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Carolyn's War Cry article page 2 001.jpg

My God , My Provider  by Carolyn Kazmierczak   Published in Mature Living - July 2020

Carolyn's Mature Living article My God M